Car rental

We provide both car rental and car tours with a driver. You don’t have to brow through several websites and compare prices to find economic car hire in Iran. Find the lowest rates and best deals for car rental in Iran with our agency that offering different kinds of vehicles and cars such as Minibus, Van and Middle bus, private sedan car and 4wd cars.

Our wide selection ranging from simple and dependable vehicles to luxury cars gives you the options to choose the best. Our cars are all fully insures under the rules of Iranian insurance policy and our drivers are well-experienced.

Type of car Number of seats Maximum number of passengers Luggage space
Sedan car 4 seats 2 or 3 pax Trunk
Delica van 10 seats 4 pax Inside car
VAN IVECO 10 seats 6 pax Inside car
Toyota Haice 12 seats 9 pax Inside car
Minibus 18 seats 13 pax Inside car
Middle bus 30 seats 24 pax Luggage container
VIP bus 25 seats 24 pax Luggage container
44 seat bus 44 seat 43 pax Luggage container

DELICA VAN                                                                          TOYOTA Haice


IVECO VAN                                                                               Minibus IVECO



Middle Bus                                                                                VIP Bus


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