Mahinestan Raheb Traditional Hotel

This place is one of the most luxurious inns in the center of Kashan. After being reconstructed, the building has become a modern place with modern furniture which can be used by travelers who visit this city. This Traditional house has two floors and three yards separated from each other. Every yard is named differently. Internal yard, external yard, and the crew’s yard are the names which are given to them. In this building every ancient Iranian method of construction is applied, such as summer cloisters and winter cloisters, louvers, basement, vestibules, and alcoves. You can see several parts of this house being carved artistically.

Pools are in inevitable part of Iranian house constructions. Sitting by these pools while drinking Iranian made drinks, you can enjoy the nice smell of Iranian flowers and stick this memory in your mind for as long as time goes on.

coffee shop

live music



room's heating and cooling system

Wi-Fi Internet