Zoroastrian Fire Temple

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The province of Yazd has Iran’s only Atash Bahram, a fire temple that houses the highest grade of consecrated fire used in Zoroastrian worship back to 1500 years ago. Yazd province is also home to the ruins of at least four dakhma or towers of silence, as well as several pilgrimage sites. Many neighbourhoods and Yazd’s towns have ancient Zoroastrian roots, and within Yazd city lie the Markerabad schools, clock and the Markerabad gardens.
Famous fire has been kept in Larestan and then they took it to the Aqde in Yazd and kept it over there for more than 700 years. After that in 12 century it was brought to Ardekan and kept there for another 300 years. Finally in 15 century it was brought to Yazd city. Nowadays it’s held over fire temple.

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