Naghshe Rostam

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Naghshe Rostam “Necropolis”is located about five kilometers northwest of Persepolis, north of Shiraz in Fars province. This ancient site consist four tombs of Achaemenid kings on upper side of the mountain, bas reliefs which indicate Sassanid’s conquers and achievements in lower side of the Mountain plus another monument which is called Ka’ba-ye Zartosht. Darius the second ordered the redesigning of the graves to its current form after the death of Cyrus. The graves for Darius I & II and Xerxes is located here, there are lots of engravings on the rocks showing each emperor’s conquests. This complex antiquity goes back to Elamites era as archaeologists found Elamites a bas relief in the area. In front of the tombs is a small tower, which is known as the Ka’bah-i Zardusht (“Zarathustra’s ka’bah” – the real ka’bah being the famous monument in Mecca). Probably, this tower was used to keep the holy fire or books (e.g., the Avesta). There was a garden near the tombs and tower.

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